About the Pipetopper

The Pipetopper – A Tool Like No Other



Leaking Underground Junctions, Worker Injuries & Damaged Gaskets can be REDUCED & even AVOIDED.


As a Registered Contractor Health & Safety AND Protection of Your Workers Must Be Your 1st Priority.


In the world of construction, Filing and Abrasive Grinding Methods have been the status quo for connecting two sewer pipes as long as anyone can remember.


When connecting pipes your team has historically had to stop and put in considerable time and labour to effectively achieve the perfect bevel on each sewer pipe.


A cost-effective, easy and safe alternative to these options is to use the Pipetopper, which results in a safe and efficient way to get the perfect bevel EVERY TIME.


After cutting your sewer pipe use the Pipetopper’s Cutting-Edge Diamond Coat to create the perfect bevel safely in under 15-seconds. This circular tool is built with a simple screw-on mechanism that attaches to a mini or large angle grinder.


Currently, the accepted practice among construction teams is to use a file or an abrasive grinding method to painstakingly grind a bevel onto the cut pipe to connect them. However, there are safety implications to workers using these methods. For instance, using the side of a con saw or unsuitable grinding disc has led to serious facial and body injuries. The Pipetopper is a safe and effective alternative.


Using a file to bevel pipes has been the go-to solution for a number of years because there weren’t any other options available other than abrasive grinding methods. The worker would through trial and error try to create a bevel and then forcibly push together the pipe against the rubber gasket.


While this may seem a reasonable way to bevel pipes and keep production moving forward in a timely manner, it presents numerous hazards. Eye injuries are prevalent when cutting pipes, even if the worker is wearing personal protection equipment. If the bevel is not perfect jagged sharp edges can damage the rubber gasket leading to hazardous weeping which can affect the water table.


About the Pipetopper

The Pipetopper has a cutting-edge diamond coat that creates the perfect bevel. This tool is built with a simple screw-on mechanism that attaches to a mini or large angle grinder. It is compatible with 4-inch plastic sewer pipes 110mm.


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