What is the Pipetopper?

The Pipetopper is a revolutionary tool that will give you the Perfect Bevel on Your Pipe.

It Chamfers 4-inch Sewer Pipes in 15-seconds or less.

The 6-inch Pipetopper will be coming soon.

How Does the Pipetopper Work?

The tool is compatible with Mini and Large Angle Grinders. The Pipetopper is built with a simple screw-on mechanism to attach easily to your grinder.

Why Buy the Pipetopper?

The Pipetopper gives you the power to finally throw away your files, and any other dangerous methods you are currently using and replace it with the Pipetopper.

By Using the Pipetopper You will:

  • Get the Perfect Bevel on Your Pipe Every Time.
  • Save Time & Get the Job Done in 15-seconds.
  • Peace-of-Mind that Joined Pipes Will Stay Secure.
  • Durable Tool that You Can Rely on for Years to Come.
  • You are investing in an Environmentally Friendly Tool.

This tool is also the perfect solution for broken pipes and is ideal for chamfering pipes in awkward and tight areas such as drains and trenches.

How Long will the Pipetopper last?

The Pipetopper is probably one of the most durable tools in your toolkit.

We have taken special care to design a tool that will last for many years to come.

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