The Weather-Downpour That Led to a Perfectly Bevelled Pipe

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Groundworker case study |


This is an actual case study. Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

A customer named John bought the Pipetopper last January due to difficulties he faced on a job. He had been completing groundworks on an entrance road that had been subject to heavy flooding. The job was going well and he had successfully dug the drain for the area. He laid the pipes and he was ready to create the bevel, when, out of the blue, there was a torrential downpour – so he abandoned the drain and sat in the digger waiting for the rain to stop.

He felt disheartened, he had been hoping to get the job finished that day so that he could shift the digger on to another job. But the rain was relentless and the day was getting darker. He thought about working through the rain. But the one job he hated above all others was filing pipes. It was a task that took him ages, and it was with much trial and error that he would eventually connect the pipes. He preferred to work on the digger. Being conscious of doing the job right he would also spend a lot of time testing the connected pipes. Eventually, hearing the weather forecast projecting more rain, he went home.

How the Pipetopper Helped John

Sitting by the fire that night John came across an advertisement for the Pipetopper. When John rang me, his frustration of the day’s events was immediately apparent. I explained how the Pipetopper worked and that he would get a perfect bevel in seconds. I posted John the Pipetopper the following morning expecting to hear no more from John. But within hours of receiving the tool, he was on the phone singing the Pipetopper’s praises. The rain had stopped, the pipe was chamfered and securely fitted together, and finally John was able to pack up his machine.

If you were to ask John how he felt about chamfering pipes now, he would smile, knowing that he now had a chamfering tool he could rely on – that would perform the job effectively in seconds.